Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The water level in this lake has always been very sensitive to climate changes and has been used as a local rain gauge. Since June 17, 2000 the water level in Kleifarvatn has been lowering at an average rate of 1.3 cm/day. 

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West side of Kleifarvatn (Syðra-stapi) November, 2000

West side of Kleifarvatn (Syðra-stapi)
July, 2002

South shore of Kleifarvatn (Lambatangi)
June, 2001

South shore of Kleifarvatn (Lambatangi)
October, 2001

Hot springs revealed as water level lowers

Close-up of same location

Fracture that opened at north end of Kleifarvatn (Lambhagi)

Close-up of water flowing down fracture.
Picture taken on August 25, 2001
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