Friday Seminars at Norræna Eldfjallasetrið
Spring 2005

Held at the lecture room on 3rd floor in the western end of Askja

February 11 at 13.00 pm. Stefán Arnórsson
- Basic principles and interpretation approach with some field data examples"

February 18 at 13.00 pm. Bryndís Brandsdóttir & Páll Einarsson
"2000 eruption of Usu volcano, Japan – dome growth dynamics
- Video session followed by open discussion"

February 25 at 13.00 pm. Bryndís Brandsdóttir &
Bob Dietrich, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA

"The IODP program – The Reykjanes Ridge proposal
- Video session followed by open discussion"

March 4 at 13.00 pm. Þröstur Þorsteinsson
"Modeling and characterizing anisotropy of ice (and other materials)"

March 11 at 13.00 pm. Erik Sturkell
"Crustal deformation at the Icelandic volcanoes during the past year"

March 18 at 13.00 pm. Sigurjón Böðvar Þórarinsson
"The Austurhorn Intrusion revisited: Petrology of the Hvalnesfjall gabbro
– Evidence for repeated replenishment of a basaltic magma chamber"

April 1 at 13.00 pm. 2 talks by David McGarvie, Open University, UK
(1) "Subglacial rhyolite eruptions at Torfajökull, Kerlingarfjöll and Öræfajökull: physical volcanology"
(2) "Ar-Ar dating of silicic rocks at Torfajökull, Kerlingarfjöll, and Ljósufjöll: implications for central volcano evolution"

April 8 at 13.00 pm. Sigurður Reynir Gislason et al.
"Subglacial eruptions and floods in Iceland 1996-2004"

April 15 at 13.00 pm. Amy Clifton
"Structural Architecture of a Highly Oblique Divergent Plate Boundary"

April 22 at 13.00 pm. Þor Þorðarson
"Tephra studies from lake cores / Rootless cones"

May 6 at 13.00 pm. Guðrun Sverrisdóttir
"The Hekla lahar. A syneruptive debris flow dated 3900 years cal BP. 
Stratification and characteristics of the deposit"

May 13 at 13.00 pm. Carolina Pagli
"Modeling and observations of current glacio-isostatic crustal movements around Vatnajökull ice cap"

May 20 at 13.00 pm. Freysteinn Sigmundsson
"Eruption conditions and triggers"

May 27 at 13.00 pm. Dorthe Holm
"AFC-modeling of Hofsjökull and Kerlingarfjöll"