Update for Grimsvötn Eruption, November 2, 2004

Photo by Freysteinn Sigmundsson

The eruption is proceeding from an approx. 1km long, E-W oriented fissure located in the south-eastern part of the Grimsvötn caldera. The ice thickness in this part of the Grimsvötn caldera was approx. 200m prior to the eruption.
A few hours into the eruption the column reached a height of approx. 13km according to the radar measurements of the Icelandic Metrological Office. Twelve hours into the eruption the column had a height of approx. 8-9km. The plume is leaning to the north-east by south-westerly winds. The ash fall sector extends at least 150km from the eruption site.

Pictures from the morning of November 2, 2004

Pictures from the afternoon of November 2, 2004

Grimsvötn eruption update at the Icelandic Metrological Office (In Icelandic)

Satellite images of the plume