March 2nd

Bad weather hindered observation of Hekla since noon yesterday till midday on 2/3.
Increased activity was observed in the top craters today. Constant steaming from the SW craters, compared to yesterdays observation there was much bigger steam clouds rising from the top craters. At night fall explosion were observed at about 1/2 hour interval. Glowing lava streams were also noted down the flank of the mountain. There is a constant glow in the top craters, this is somehow different from what was observed on 29/2 when distinct explosion were observed and no glow in-between. The center and northern area could not be observed due to cloudy hat (the hekla). On 3 March we will attempt to approach the southern flank of Hekla and sample the lavastreams in the north east and south west, we will also do some GPS location of the lava fronts.