February 29th

Early morning on February 29 activity was ongoing. Ash fall was reported this morning in Fljótshlíð 35-40  km south of the volcano, carried by strong northerly wind.
During the morning activity seemed to be continously decreasing, and by around 8 AM all activity in the summit area of the volcano ceased. At 5 AM volcanic tremor had started to increase and this went on until 10-11 AM. In the afternoon, activity in the southernmost end of the fissure increased again, producing eruption cloud ascending a little above the top of Hekla. The ash was still carried southward. In the evening, darkness revealed the three strombolian craters observed the day before, producing lava flowing to southwest. This evening, people watching the lava at the north east flanks reported that the flow had stopped and they could walk on the lava.

February 29th between 11 and 12 hrs


Hekla seen from SW. Erupting fissure on East side.

 Photos taken by Sigurjón H. Sindrason (e-mail: sigurjon@hp.is)