February 28th

On February 28 an eruption cloud is being deflected from Hekla towards the south by strong northerly winds, but otherwise the weather conditions have precluded direct observation of the eruption sites. The amplitude of the eruption tremor continues to decline at a slow rate, and the power of the eruption was obviously decreasing. By view from south at 3 PM two eruption clouds were seen, confirming that activity was still ongoing in two places in the volcano.  The craters were not visible in the daylight but the more productive one could be located just south of the top of the volcano, producing three lava streams flowing down the south flanks of the volcano.
The activity in the northern part of the volcano was declining during the day and couldn´t be located due to poor visibility. At 4:30 PM one lava flow had reached the Vatnafjoll mountains at Lambafell, 5 km south of the summit where it flowed slowly at approximately 2-3 m per hour. The thickness of the lava at the front was 8-10 m on average.  This evening, strombolian activity in three separate craters at the southernmost part of the eruptive fissure was observed.  No activity was observed in other areas of the volcano.


Photographer: Ármann Höskuldsson (armh@hi.is)